HI THERE, nice to finally meet you!

We are Belmio. Our mission? To give you an indulging coffee break that puts a smile on your face all day long.

Since the very start, we have been committed to creating great, sustainable coffee and make the world a happier place along the way. We also strongly believe in personal taste differences, which is why we serve flavoured coffee rather than focusing on regular coffee alone.

Our master blenders select the finest Arabica & Robusta beans from all over the world to create the perfect blend. Did you know that our master blenders only source specialised natural flavours and that our decaffeinated coffee varieties are made without any chemical processes whatsoever? We believe in doing things right; coffee is a natural product and as far as we’re concerned, it should stay that way.

We want to make your life easier, which is why you can find our coffee in convenient aluminium capsules compatible with Nespresso Original machines. Belmoca is not affiliated with, endorsed or sponsored by Nespresso.




An explosion of positive energy.
In a sea full of black coffee packs, we dare to be different. Delicious flavoured coffee at the press of a button, something different for everyone every moment of the day! You being your unique self brings us the joy and inspiration we need to keep creating new flavours. Why don't you try it out for yourself? Just make your cup of Belmio, close your eyes and unleash the experience!

Daring & Different
We’re ambitious and aren’t afraid to follow our own path, even if it means breaking a few conventions.

We don’t see problems, just challenges that need solutions. We are flexible, agile, and ingenious.

Passionate & Dynamic
We’re young and dynamic and excited about what we do.

We believe in doing things right, from selecting the best coffee beans to creating premium blends and uncompromising quality control at every stage.

Made in Belgium
Only the best coffee is good enough for you, and rightfully so! Your coffee moment is sacred. Belmio's team of master coffee roasters and coffee experts selects the very best Arabica & Robusta beans from all over the world, creating unique blends that are roasted and packaged in Belgium. Belmio coffee is 'made in Belgium'!


Precious Belmio aroma guard

When it comes to coffee, aroma is everything. Our sense of smell gets the tastebuds tingling, but much of that intoxicating aroma is lost when coffee beans are ground.

Enter the ingenious people at Belmio who developed our very own ‘aroma guard’, locking in the full, rich aroma and flavour of freshly ground coffee for you to enjoy. The aroma guard preserves and protects our coffee from oxidation, light and humidity throughout its journey, from fresh bean to roasting and from grinding to the steaming coffee mug in your hands. All of the aroma and flavour is sealed in an airtight, recyclable aluminium capsule so full of sensation that it’s ready to burst.

Compatible with nespresso original line machines*

GOOD DAY? Coffee!

BAD DAY? Coffee!

COFFEE? Coffee!

How bad do you currently need Belmio?

From a ristretto to lungo, from sweet Caramel to a single origin from Colombia. Be seduced by all Belmio flavors and choose your favourite! 

Where to buy

Everyone loves Belmio. That’s why we are available in countries all over the world to bring joy to each and every life! Don’t miss out! 
 Haven’t discovered or tried our brand yet? Buy our coffee nearby or soon at our online store!